Irene Gendelman – Artist

Irene Gendelman paints vivid urban scenes with golden hues. As an artist, she draws inspiraiton from the spirit and culture of Jerusalem.

Irene Gendelman is an artist whose passions and influences are eloquently captured in her vivid urban scenes and textured motion with the brush. Her stunning use of color and detail gives an expansive depth to her work, inviting you to imagine narrative journeys and emotional tales.

Inspired by the stunning landscape of the Black Sea, hillside mountains, and poetically narrow streets of the Crimea’s old cities, her childhood home, Gendelman fuses memories of times past with scenes and moments in modern life. Through her education in art school and college, the main theme of Gendelman’s paintings has consistently remained cityscapes.

Filled with intense inspiration combined with creative success after her move to Israel, the artist’s passion is transferred to the viewer through her great understanding of Jerusalem’s spirit and culture. The city’s old streets, stone walls, gates, and narrow windows of the holy city now grace her canvas, evoking the mystery and graceful sensibility of times passed.

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