Henri Lobo – Artist

Recognized by numerous people all over the world for his fine art on canvas and shale, Henri Lobo can be classified as a well-established and successful full-time artist.

Henri Lobo

In elementary school Henri was taught by Italian nuns (Sister Ida, Angela, and Jacinta), they introduced him to arts and crafts and tutored him even after regular class hours, teaching him how to paint. In his high school (St. Anthony’s Monte De Guirim, Goa) run by Franciscan Priests, Brother Vitalis Further educated him about the world of art. In 1969, Henri traveled to London England where he trained for two years at Sir John Cass College of Art.

Currently, Henri resides in Mississauga Ontario, where he has been living for over 40 years. Originally, he comes from a place located on the southwest coast of India called Goa. He arrived in Canada in 1971 and was initially employed by various companies, some of which were involved in colour blending and cartography. The experience and knowledge gained through his early employment were later applied to his career as an artist.

In 1974, Henri commenced painting full-time and traveled extensively throughout Canada to gain exposure. Many of his pieces have been exhibited in galleries across the country.

As a versatile artist, Henri uses what could be considered a North American technique, although has a distinct style of his own. He works predominately in acrylics, using the paint very generously and ingeniously to give his paintings a three-dimensional effect. He also paints on shale using the contours of the rock to add a unique perspective of depth and dimension.

Henri Lobo has displayed his works at numerous established art exhibitions such as One of a Kind, Signatures, Art in the Park Windsor/ Parry Sound/ Mississauga/ Cobourg Waterfront Festival, Kempenfest- Barrie, London Home County, Montreal, Kingston, Belleville, Sarnia, and many others. His paintings hang on the walls of thousands of homes throughout Canada and all over the world.


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