Lee Munn – Artist

Local artist, Lee Munn is a firm believer in painting in his home city and province. Nature has always played a strong role in his art practice.

Lee Munn

Lee is a local artist living and working in Hamilton, Ontario that primarily paints landscape pieces in a variety of styles. His formal art education began 40 years ago, at the age of 16, and continued through his late teens when he studied ‘Fine Arts’ at DVSA and ‘Arts & Graphic Design at George Brown and Sheridan College.

Lee likes to travel all over Ontario (in all seasons) painting small pieces on location and taking photographs. After this, he will bring the reference imagery/painting/sketch back to his studio to create a larger painting, completing his vision. During the painting process, Lee will listen to music ensuring only one band informs the piece by listening to them exclusively until the painting is complete. Every painting is completed this way. This process also informs the titles of the work because all paintings are titled with a lyric from the band that influenced the piece during its creation.

Lee is a proud member of the SCA “The Society of Canadian Artists”, FCA “The Federation of Canadian Artists” and the OSA “The Ontario Society of Artists.” Lee has a number of pieces of his artwork exhibited across Canada, the USA, and Europe which are represented in both private and public collections

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