Dennis Liu – Artist

Dennis Liu paints the beauty of nature in Canada, creating highly realistic wild animals in natural settings. He trained as an artist, first under his uncle in China, then at the Fine art School in Chengdu, China. After coming to Canada 10 year ago, he enjoys painting the intricate details of the animals and nature he depicts.

Dennis-Tieji, Liu was trained as an artist from an early age, mainly by his uncle, a local art teacher. He has assisted his uncle with the government’s propaganda paintings for the city when he was a teenager.

He travelled to Chengdu city for university and graduated from Fine Art School of Chengdu City, and also attended some workshops run by an accomplished artist in Chengdu. Despite his formal training, he has gained most of his artistic skill through years of practice and he considers himself a self-taught artist. During this period, he experimented with different styles of painting, using a variety of materials, such as traditional Chinese ink, oil paint, and acrylic paint.

The beauty of the nature of Canada has fascinated him since he moved to this country almost a decade ago. Dennis changed his style and focused on painting wild animals in nature. He enjoys painting details and tries to be true to what he sees in nature. He wishes that people will also enjoy the beauty when viewing his art.

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