Liz Rae Dalton – Artist

Liz Rae Dalton, an artist who lives on an island, creates organic sculptures exploring marine subject matter.

liz rae dalton artist

“My life on an island surrounded by nature inspires my work. ‘Earth & Sky’, a new series created over the last 12 months will be shown as an installation for The Artist Project 2019. Wall reliefs and sculptures of various sizes speak poetically about natural flora, fauna, geology, weather, and the night sky. Using salvaged wood and other earth sensitive materials, I carve, charr, and apply molten encaustic paint to create textural pieces that capture the atmosphere of the natural environments that inspire them. My process develops in an open-ended way, leading to a moment where I recognize the voice of the finished piece.  My work is shown, appreciated, and collected in Canada and the USA.” If you are interested in Liz Rae Dalton’s original artwork for sale from our contemporary art gallery in Toronto, click below or call now!

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