Jordan Hicks

Jordan Hicks uses a a mixture of styles in his art, including realism and impressionism, to create stunning natural landscapes, often with textured details. He is a self-taught artist who uses the natural world for the foundation for his work.

Jordan Hicks, a self-taught artist, was born in Kingston, Ontario Canada. He received a Graphic Design Diploma in 1992 and soon after began exhibiting his works. He has worked in a variety of media and his portfolio is a mixture of styles ranging from realism to impressionism to conceptual work and contemporary abstracts.

“I believe in our natural world and it is the foundation for most of my work. I believe in original art and I am dedicated to producing work that has a personality, work that is real.”

Jordan is a prolific painter who has sold over 2500 paintings. He exhibits in a number of galleries across Canada and The United States and his works are held in many private collections.