Robert LeClerc – Artist

Robert Leclerc is a self-educated painter who loves life and nature. He creates his natural landscapes after he meditates in order to transmit his message as an artist to the viewer.

Robert LeClerc

Robert Leclerc was born in Montreal in 1958. Self-educated painter; singular in kind and of great sensitivity. A lover of life and nature. At a very young age he made caricatures and cartoons. You can find in his paintings a symbiosis of the two ingredients that characterizes him between his technique ans his spontaneity that makes him unique.

He will be able to make you feel his emotions for love, joy, and peace. Before creating a painting, he takes the time to relax by meditating, because for him, his spiritual life must be in the foreground to be able to transmit his message by means of his creation so that the person who has one of his paintings can be transported to another dimension where reigns the enchantment of the creative artist.

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