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For over 45 years, Crescent Hill Gallery has proudly celebrated the work and talent of Canada’s most established artists as a premier Toronto art gallery. We have many original pieces of art for sale. Original works of art are offered in oil, acrylic, and mixed media, and are further enhanced by our award-winning framing service.

Our staff is instrumental in introducing beauty into the homes and offices of our discerning collectors, whether it is collaborating on commissions, contributing to a collection, or working with designers. Satisfying a broad price spectrum, we offer a solid cross-section of work with a reputation founded on devotion to the highest standards in both quality of art and collector experience.

At just over 5600 sq. feet we offer one of the largest collections of original art in North America. We have established a reputation for providing a professional, objective opinion and exceptional value. Ours is a rewarding business that emanates from sharing the love of beautiful artistic creations. We counsel our collectors to purchase art simply because when they look at the piece, they feel great about it. We encourage them to take the art home to see how it resonates in their own environment. We take pride in our consulting services which often involve visits to our clients’ homes to help determine fit or to offer advice on placement within a space or collection.

View of our original art for sale in our Toronto Art Gallery

Artists and collectors alike enjoy nurturing relationships with Crescent Hill. The Gallery’s annual spring and autumn exhibitions bring patrons and artists together to celebrate the impact that art has on their lives. An enjoyable and sincere gallery experience will always be found at Crescent Hill. Our expert art advisors will locate the perfect piece for your new or established collection.

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Our Director




Breann Ritchie

Breann Ritchie had a keen interest in the arts from an early age. She actively pursued her passion for creating and in 2011, graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Art and Art History from the University of Toronto and a Diploma in Visual Arts (specializing in Sculpture and Drawing) from Sheridan Institute.

Breann has actively sought creative spaces to connect with other artists, art collectors and gallerists. She was involved with a number of prominent galleries in Hamilton and the surrounding communities such as Hamilton Artists Inc., Grimsby Public Art Gallery and the Art Gallery of Hamilton. She worked extensively with the Hamilton and Mississauga arts communities by acting as a jury member for public art installations, local exhibitions and arts award ceremonies. She was Chair of the Hamilton Arts Council’s Visual Arts Committee for several years raising awareness for artists exhibiting locally by creating a series of artist talks and providing informational support for businesses exhibiting original art.

Breann worked with an artist agency for several years to liaise with galleries to further market and celebrate the work of their artists. Breann now works as our Gallery Director where she has had the opportunity to work with brilliant collectors all over the world and some of the most influential artists in Canada.

Land Acknowledgement

Crescent Hill Gallery and the City of Mississauga are located on lands that have been occupied by numerous Indigenous nations since time immemorial. Settlement and the eventual growth of the City were made possible with the signing of Treaties over 200 years ago.

Treaties are fundamental to the creation of Canada and are upheld in the Canadian Constitution. Treaties that were signed for the lands that make up the city were meant as a way of sharing the land and allowing settlement to take place. Following consultation with our Treaty and traditional territory partners, the City uses the following Land Acknowledgement.