Dimitri Hvidantzevich – Artist

An artist from Moscow, Russia, Dimitri, (or Dima K), moved to Toronto. His paintings strive for the beauty of light while working in different styles and mediums.

dimitri hvidantzevich artist

Dimitri Hvidantzevich is rather known as Dima K, this is how he signs his paintings. Born in 1955 in Moscow, Russia he earned there his Master’s Degree in Fine Arts at Moscow Academy of Applied Art and Design (former Stroganoff) and was accredited by Russian Artist Association.

He worked in different fields of Art and Design ending up with the creation of Studio “Tone” which he founded and successfully operated till he left Russia for Israel in 1991. Spending there four years he continued to master his paintings with the Pikanti team at first, then as an independent artist. Albert’s Gallery in Jaffa became the permanent place for an exhibit of his art with recurring orders. But his most notable work was the commission for two oil paintings for the Institute of Temple in Jerusalem. At the same time, Dimitri decided to continue his education and earned a certificate in Computer Graphic Design. In 1996 Dimitri moved to Canada and since then lives and works in Toronto, Ontario.

Still a freelance artist, he takes commissions for Paintings, Murals and Illustrations. His works have been sold to private collections in the USA, Canada, Russia, Israel, and the Netherlands. You can also buy his original artwork online from our gallery! He also shares his passion for art, knowledge, and experience with his students giving private art lessons.

Dimitri says about his Art: “Trying to work in different styles and mediums I always keep one thing straight – I see the world around us as piercing luminescence of rich colors sculpturing the objects. The hymn to the beauty of the light – that’s the main idea behind all my paintings. If you can see and feel it in my works, then I can’t be pleased more.”

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