Lucie Boucher – Artist

French Canadian from Montreal, I grew up within a rich multicultural environment where diversity was always appreciated. I also benefited from being raised in a family of artists where creativity and innovation were strongly encouraged and highly valued.

Lucie Boucher

From early on, I showed a keen interest in the creative arts and the sciences as well as a deep underlying passion for history and archaeology. My diverse interests and influences propelled me down a unique and deeply enriching academic and professional path.

My college studies reflected my varied interests and I graduated from each of the Pure and Applied Sciences, Health Sciences, and Fine Arts programs. Being very drawn to the rigors of science and the challenges they present, I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree with a specialization in Microbiology and Immunology from McGill University (Montreal, Canada). After a short career in the biotechnology industry, I realized that I needed to apply my creative skills in my everyday work and thus engaged in a career as a visual artist. My artwork has been exhibited in various galleries, including, most recently, in the Crescent Hill Gallery located in the Toronto, Canada area. In addition to creating for gallery exhibits, many of my creations were the result of private commissions.

My work can be found in private and corporate collections.

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