Daniel St-Amant – Artist

An artist based out of Toronto, Daniel St-Amant creates his works with paint along with mixed media including found objects from nature such as dirt and tree bark.

Daniel St-Amant

Daniel St-Amant currently works in Toronto, creating his mixed media artworks that utilise objects he has found in nature (such as dirt, moss, driftwood, or tree bark). He will also create unique textures from urban settings. One example of this is having vehicles drive over canvases to capture the tire tracks onto the canvas. His goal for his work is to raise questions about how current human activities are encroaching and affecting not only the animals and their habitats, but also the people.

He holds a BFA from NSCAD University and a graduate’s diploma from Seneca College at York University in Visual Effects for film and television. His work is found in collections in Canada and internationally.

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