Brian Porter – Artist

Brian Porter, originally a graffiti artist, evolved his style from the street to the gallery. His paintings are explosively coloured and often portray Canadian wildlife.

brian porter artist

Brian Porter is no stranger to the art industry having spent over fifteen years working as a graffiti artist in major metropolitan cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Tokyo. Porter is an artist whose work has evolved from the street to the gallery and from the wall to the canvas. The blend of pop culture icons and an explosive colour palette give Porter’s work a “timeless” appeal and sensibility.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Porter was encouraged to express his creativity at an early age. Porter began sketching in charcoal which then progressed into experimentation with aerosol, acrylic, and oil paint. Porter’s versatility and eagerness to dabble in a variety of mediums and techniques have allowed his body of work to maintain a strong relevance in the contemporary art scene.

Porter’s immediate environment, life experiences, and music have always been his primary inspiration and motivation. As an artist, he thrives on the experience of painting for the public and is continuously invited to lend his artistic hand to public murals.

Brian’s work is featured in a number of publications including Concrete Powder, Under Pressure and Always Fresh.

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