Paige Ring – Artist

Paige is a self-taught, abstract expressionist painter living in Toronto, Ontario. Her work often showcases gestural strokes, poured paint, layering, as well as organic marks and scrapes weaving through large areas of color.

Paige Ring

Paige uses a number of different media in her pieces. Mostly working with acrylic and ink, she has also experimented with resin, pastel and collage to create texture and depth in her compositions.

Paige grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia in a small town just outside the city. She studied Historic Costume Design and Recreation at Dalhousie University, and moved to Toronto, Ontario to attend the Academy of Design’s Fashion and Marketing program. In Toronto, she pursued a career in Fashion, creating womenswear for some of the world’s top departments stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Holt Renfrew and Harvey Nichols. Paige also managed a women’s line for Wal-Mart Canada. During this time she studied Graphic Design. Now she works as a Creative Director helping businesses with their brand and marketing strategy when she’s not in the studio painting.

Paige’s work has been placed in private collections in Canada, the US, the UK, and Germany. If you would like to add some of artist Paige Ring’s work to your collection, contact us today!

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