Tyler Matheson – Artist

Tyler Matheson

My practice is an exploration of personal and shared experiences of feeling queer. My work investigates processes of becoming and adaptation through conceptual and experiential considerations of gender and sexuality. When creating work, I carefully consider how it will be viewed, and ‘perform’ accordingly. By choosing materials that have the visual capability to shift and transform their appearance depending on the viewer’s body and position in relation to the work, I create a spatial dynamism where each individual’s experience is uniquely their own—where the viewer and the work are reliant on each other. In this codependent performance, the gallery becomes a site where viewers can be projected into queer liminal space—a bridge between worlds. By harnessing the knowledge and understanding of objects and materials in the world, I seek to explore how we have socially, and culturally imposed meaning onto objects, and how they function in relation to us.

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