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Since 1985, Crescent Hill Art Gallery has prided itself on being the premier art gallery in Mississauga. Our rich history and knowledge of Canadian artistry ensure we showcase a substantial spectrum of artworks for art collectors and critics alike to cherish and enjoy. We are an outlet to showcase the creative brilliance of mid-career and established virtuosos of the Canadian art community.

History of our Toronto Modern Art Gallery

Over the past 40 years, we have proudly celebrated the work of Canada’s finest living artists. Art admirers and collectors worldwide equate Crescent Hill Art Gallery with a sophisticated eye and first-class client service, largely thanks to our committed staff and diverse collection of exquisite works of original art. We cater to the finest international and domestic art collectors and novice collectors. We enjoy fostering both long-term and new relationships with our patrons.

Crescent Hill Gallery is a 5,600-square-foot original art gallery in Mississauga located in the Greater Toronto Area that has both in-gallery and online exhibitions. Please browse our extensive original art collection from anywhere worldwide to find the piece that engages and inspires you. We take significant pride in our award-winning framing services that complement any piece perfectly, whether it is acrylic, oil, or mixed media.

We understand art collectors focus on provenance, history, and documentation. It is our commitment to you to streamline the selection and delivery process with our innovative art gallery services that allow you to try before you buy in many ways. Know exactly how a piece will resonate with you by trying it in your home or with a virtual installation. We also offer corporate and home consultations, local delivery and installation, and worldwide shipping.

Our Mississauga Original Art Gallery

why choose crescent hill gallery?

Integration is key to our success at Crescent Hill Art Gallery. Our focus is on serving as the bridge between artists and art collectors. We wish to project the voices and practices of our exemplary artists. On the art collection side, we deal exclusively with original works of art that have been verified by our knowledgeable staff.

According to world-class standards, all pieces showcased in our Mississauga original art gallery are kept in a pristine state. Furthermore, we prove that distance is no barrier to acquiring the art you love. Our shipping process is specialized and designed to ensure a smooth purchase process.

Are you interested in adding exquisite, original Canadian artworks to your collection or are you looking to start a new one? Crescent Hill Gallery offers you a comprehensive collection of the finest in original Canadian art and sculpture. Get your price quote today by calling or emailing us today!

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