Min Ma – Artist

Min Ma, an artist originally from China, now resides in B.C. where he often paints natural landscapes in a vivid and clear tone and colour that add depth to his vision.

min ma artist

Min Ma was born in 1955 and educated in China where his creative instinct and talent was self-recognized early, but difficult to develop under the new political climate of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. As is often the case during uncertain times, civil unrest is a sobering reality that stifles creativity and closes universities, as it did all across China.

As a young boy with a fierce desire to draw and no classes available to take, Ma quickly learned to use the world around him as his teacher. There were no art galleries in China at the time, so he practiced his technique on the image of Chairman Mao, as well as what he observed around the neighbourhood in his day to day life. After several years, the revolution started losing momentum, and while centres for higher learning hadn’t reopened, a three-year painting program opened up and Ma seized his chance. Eventually he had his opportunity to shine at university, and was one of only 15 students accepted into the fine arts program at the prestigious China Academy of Fine Art. He graduated in 1982 with a BFA and taught in university as a professor of fine arts until 1986.

More than two decades into his career, Min has demonstrated a serious professional commitment to the fine arts. His talent is clearly reflected in the quality of his work. Min’s paintings are vivid, with clarity of colour and tone that add depth and feeling to his vision. His subject matter has become more diverse in recent years as he expands his sphere of artistic interest to include landscapes, portraits, human figures, and much more. Min uses different mediums, such as oil, acrylic, and pencil drawings.

Deeply influenced by Western art, Min came to Canada in 1986. His work has been exhibited throughout Canada and the United States, as well as being represented in numerous corporate and private collections.

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