How Crescent Hill Gallery Collaborates With Interior Designers

At Crescent Hill Gallery, we offer a variety of specialty services to help interior designers succeed. Our services allow you to commission custom artwork, reframe pieces, and use virtual installation to see how a new artwork will suit your current project before you commit.

Commission Custom Artwork

Crescent Hill Gallery partners with talented artists to create custom artwork for interior designers. When you request a piece, you can rest assured that your art will be one-of-a-kind, created to suit your design goals for a chosen space.

Start your journey by choosing an artist whose style matches your vision. Then, we will discuss what you have in mind, and the artwork will be created according to your guidelines. Our dedicated artists will fashion a masterpiece just for your design.

Reframe Artwork

Do you already have the perfect painting or photograph, but the frame does not work with the space? At Crescent Hill Gallery, we have diverse framing options to suit the needs of every interior designer. No matter how big or small your framing requirements are, our expert framers can handle every detail for you. We know that framing is an art form.

Virtual Art Installation

Crescent Hill Gallery understands that artwork for interior designers must complement a carefully designed space seamlessly. For this reason, we provide interior designers with the opportunity to test the viability of artwork before finalizing the sale.

Our virtual installations allows you and your client the chance to see the artwork in their space by superimposing the pieces of interest. This lets you assess the dimensions and overall aesthetic appeal.

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