Heather Haynes – Artist

Heather Haynes describes herself as a contemporary folk impressionist. She was interested in fine art and craft since she was 5 years old and eventually set her sights on pursuing art in university. She was educated at McMaster University.

Heather Haynes

Heather’s work often takes risks and uses language and figures to discuss difficult narratives addressing the state of our world. Her unique style draws inspiration from nature and everyday objects. The paintings have a loose, stylized feel infused with the intriguing sense of timeless peace. The last few years have seen the artist’s work gain international attention. Her paintings are in many private and corporate collections.

Heather is always trying new things and travelling with her family. She proudly gives back and supports 135 children in the Democratic Republic of Congo with her lifestyle brands.

For those interested in artist Heather Haynes contemporary Canadian art, you can request pricing for her work by contacting us!