Bob Arrigo

Bob Arrigo paints the beauty he sees in the natural world. He is an artist who strives to express the images his eyes see through composition and design.

Bob Arrigo is the archetype of what it means to be an artist. As a multi-talented  artist on many levels his life’s work has truly embodied the spirit of what that  means. 

A prolific fine artist and writer the author of four books, a vocalist and  multi-instrumentalist, as well as a published and award-winning graphics  designer, Bob passionately embraces all that is to be discovered through the arts.  His paintings can be found in private and corporate collections across Canada, the  USA, the UK and Russia. The subject of Bob’s art has an ever-expanding focus,  though for many years his interest was solely dedicated to impressionistic  landscapes, he has currently developed an intense interest in abstract work  rendered both through intellectual composition and spontaneous application. His  paintings express his evolution as an artist as they showcase his personal journey. All that has been accomplished and is now convergent, is currently evident with  the passing on of his experience through two books written to encourage the  talents and techniques of fledgling artists. 

“The purpose of my art is to express the discovery, the beauty and totality  of my creative statement to the world, and to see it merge into the fabric of our  culture as it reveals the expression of God’s gift to me.”

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