Hannah Brown

Hannah is a painter and environmentalist, based in Burlington ON, Canada. She studied at Brock University and received a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art (Visual Art) and minored in art history. You’ll often find her in the forests and trails, experiencing nature and looking for inspiration.

“Currently my work focuses on landscapes, mainly trees, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, their beauty, uniqueness, individuality and the inspiration they give is without bounds, and they continuously influence my work. Since I have developed such a love and appreciation for trees, I strive to show others the importance of these natural spaces. As well as expressing the importance of environmental protection, and advocating for environmental awareness, sustainability, and education, I hope to inspire others to have that desire and want to conserve our environment as much as I do.

Most recently my work has been greatly influenced by work of other cultures, mainly East Asian art, more specifically traditional Chines and Japanese ink painting. Where there is often an appreciation of nature and a pursuit to understand, get closer to it, and find peace through it, for some artists throughout history it was common practice to withdraw into nature, to contemplate its beauty and force. Promoting the idea that man is not only an integral part of the natural world, but that a connection with nature is vital for his, or her, personal growth and well-being. This is a notion that I believe is often forgotten about in our culture today.

For me painting is spontaneous, expressive, and colourful, through this haphazard process of mine I often end up with a final work that, in my eyes, is a representation of what it might feel like to be in nature, surrounded by all the sights, sounds and sensations, that a forest may have to offer: nature doesn’t hesitate either.”

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