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The prevalent theme in Nemo’s work is travel, and the discovery of the beauty and excitement of new places. His distinctive images draw together the charm and mood of several famous cities at once to create a dreamlike memory of time and space in a fascinating combination of mixed media.

In today’s artist talk, we are exploring the creative beauty behind Victor Colesnicenco’s mixed media artwork. Victor Colesnicenco, also known as Victor Nemo (or simply Nemo) to his friends and within the art community, has embodied art that pieces together memories from his travels and/or everyday life experiences.

“Cafe Del Mar At Night”, 40×60 inches, mixed media on canvas

Artist Bio

Nemo grew up in Chisinau, the capital city of Moldova. This Eastern European nation is known for its rich artistic heritage. Nemo remembers being fascinated by the carvings and other craftworks that surrounded him.

From an early age, Nemo loved paintings and was determined to become an artist. Nemo began intense interest into the style and techniques of famous painters such as Ivan Shishkin and Salvador Dali. He enrolled in art school but did not enjoy the strict academic style of the Russian-based academy. Knowing that a standard education was not for him, he abandoned it to pursue training on his own.

His talent quickly flourished when he organized large outdoor art fairs to show his work and that of other young artists. During his young adulthood, Nemo enlisted in the Soviet Army where he served for two years. After completing his tour, his motivation to become a professional artist was rediscovered. Together with a good friend, he started a business restoring works of art and painting murals in churches. The reemergence of religious freedom in the post-Soviet era offered many opportunities for their business to flourish.


“At Amalfi”, 40×60 inches, mixed media on canvas board

CH: What does a typical day in the studio look like?

VN: My day starts off early in the morning, sometimes even at 5 a.m. As we live in Niagara On The Lake, there is an abundance of birds and geese, who help me wake up in a good mood to create art.  My window looks out to vineyards, farms, Niagara River, and Niagara Escarpment which gives me the inspiration to work on a new painting. After a cool, refreshing shower and a cup of good coffee, I am gaining the energy to start my artwork.

“Hidden In The Forest”, 36×48 inches, mixed media on canvas

CH: How long do your pieces typically take?

VN: When I am working on mixed-media art, it can take about 2 weeks. There are a few stages and steps that are required with each piece, especially when you’re dealing with layers. When I finish the new painting, I am glad that it was done well and hope that my audience will like it too.

“Honest Bear”, 36×48 inches, mixed media on canvas

Multi-media and mixed media are terms that have been used when examining Nemo’s art. He can and often does work in a very traditional style. Using both oils and acrylics he creates paintings with a plein-air feel. He is able to capture the light and feel of a place and impart that feeling to the viewer.

Nemo is also constantly investigating and developing new techniques. His international cityscape series is an innovative style combining photography, printing, and painting. Through printing and subsequent pasting of his photographs; he then paints with acrylics and glazes to construct a fused and somewhat surreal vision of different cities. The charm and mood of famous cities are combined to create a dream-like memory of time and space.

Nemo accepts commission requests where he can create the same dreamlike memory from the pieces of information you provide him. See below a completed commission:

“Golden Gate Bridge 1/2 Mile”, 40×48 inchs, mixed media on canvas

CH: What inspired you to start your wildlife collection?

VN: Since the beginning of this year I have started a new theme to do a wildlife collection. My art is inspired from my hikes out to the forest and boating and kayaking on the river. I enjoy the beauty of nature.

Nemo has put down his roots in the Niagara region, a location with vast amounts of nature that he believes better serves his creative needs. Nemo views his current place of residence as a gateway to the world, or at least the commercial art world, that he wanted to be so very much part of. It was here onwards that Nemo laid down the visual tracks that were to become his life’s pictorial work to date.

“Above The Field”, 36×48 inches, mixed media on canvas

Represented and promoted by galleries across Canada and North America as a whole, Nemo’s individual works and collections have become widely collected and in constant demand. Nemo started as a young boy from Maldovia with big dreams, and he’s achieving those dreams… one brushstroke at a time.


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Learn more about Victor Nemo and his NEW wildlife pieces in his documentary video below:


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