{INNOVATE} – online companion exhibition


Curatorial Statement:


verb.   to make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, etc.

For this iteration of our annual fall group exhibition, I wanted to draw attention to the innovation of our brilliant artists over the past couple of years. The last two years have been difficult for us in many complex ways. We have all experienced loneliness, helplessness, and in some cases, heartbreak through these trying times, creating a shared experience with almost every person on this planet.

Artists are innovators by nature. They are constantly experimenting and looking for new and fresh lenses through which to tell a story or project a message; they are the storytellers of our time. I have found it remarkable to watch our artists, these brilliant individuals, use this time to reflect on their practice and comment on and contribute to the fabric of our communities. Our artists discovered myriad ways to express themselves in their work and connect with their audience. With this exhibition, I hope to recognize and advocate for their efforts as creators and their innovation as artists. Innovation is our chance to consider our path from new and fresh perspectives.