To the human eye, this world that surrounds us is but a stage constructed from light-play; we use reflected light and perceived shadows to recognize our surroundings. However, many of us are able to see value in life far beyond what is right before our eyes, and many of us are still in the process of discovering it.


Chiaroscuro – an Italian word that directly translates to “light dark”. Through the use of light and dark tones, we perceive shape, space and three-dimensional form. Value can be utilized to create striking contrast, catching the eye and leading it around. A clear contradistinction between brightness and shadow is able to place visual interest and emphasis on certain areas of an artwork, and the inherent duality attached to light and shadow allow for deep messages to be creatively sculpted.


Within this online exhibition, we shall study value in art: the contrasts and gradients in lighting as well as the worth and meaning you will find in the pieces.