New artist: Lee Lessem

Known for her striking abstracts focused on form, shape, pattern and harmony, Lee Lessem’s collection of originals has been warmly welcomed to the Crescent Hill family. Lee’s work hones in on abstraction as a form of expression. Distilling everyday objects and occurrences down into their most basic form. Many of her works, she says, are composed from what she sees out her back window. Lee creates the composition in her mind and then starts to bring it to fruition on the canvas. Her work is meticulously painted and thoughtfully rendered. Every piece has it’s own resonance but successfully relates to her body of work as a whole.

She received her formal education in 1972 from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg and has been painting professionally for over 45 years. Born on a farm in Africa, she was surrounded by the magnificence of the natural beauty found there. Painting was always a medium for Lee to test the tension between the real and the abstract – what we perceive and that, which truly exists.

Lee’s work can be found in private and public collections across North America, the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa. Recent exhibitions include NGA Art Show, Liberty Market Loft Gallery and the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. Her works have been featured several times in ArtAscent International Art & Literature Journal.

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