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Artist Monika Wright


Monika Wright is currently based in Nova Scotia. Her powerful and expressive abstracts glow with a unique luminosity. Wright left behind a hectic career in Toronto in 2005 for a new creative life in Halifax where she rediscovered her passion for photography and painting. When tragedy touched her life, creating art became her refuge and her passion, and a full-time career quickly unfolded as her vibrant and joyful paintings received recognition first locally, then internationally.

Monika paints in an idyllic setting in Nova Scotia, influenced by the organic shapes of the rugged landscape, the wild ocean and tranquil lakes that surround her, and the joyful colours of her imagination.

Monika’s artworks can be found in collections in Canada, the USA, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Germany, and Denmark. She is represented by galleries in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. Among her accolades, she received the Mary Pratt Crystal Award.


“The Power of Curiosity”, 28×28 inches, acrylic on canvas

Monika Wright featured in Arabella magazine

In a new article, Monika Wright speaks with Debra Usher for her online art and culture publication, Arabella Magazine. She touches on her unique practice and her origin story. Monika takes a deep dive into her practice and her interest in creating connection.

“Creating allows me to connect with people on a subliminal level, evoking visceral, emotional reactions that open the heart and mind of the viewer. I want to reveal a sense of possibility, to allow the viewer to return to the work over and over”

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