Biography: James Keirstead

James Lorimer Keirstead was born in Saint John, New Brunswick in 1932. He grew up in Ontario from the age of two, in Toronto, Whitby and Sharbot Lake. After several years as a constable with the OPP, he decided to develop his old passion of painting and started showing his work in 1958. Since then he has never looked back.

In 1962, Keirstead began painting with palette knives instead of brushes, a technique which suited his style and with which he became most comfortable. Since that time, his work has been and continues to be in great demand. Keirstead's name has become synonymous with ancient mills, however in painting after painting, he demonstrates his skill in expressing the diversity of the Canadian landscape. From colourful gardens, wilderness lakes and the moody light of the east coast, to the grain elevators of the Prairies, his distinctive magic has touched them all.