Biography: Dina Shubin

Dina Shubin Panov graduated from the Moscow Teachers Training Institute, Art Faculty in 1990 and emigrated to Canada in 1999. Her work was previously exhibited at Art Expo in Seoul, Tokyo and New York and in Fine Art Galleries in Moscow, Tel Aviv, and Miami, Florida. Her work graces private collections in Russia, Norway, Germany, Israel, Canada and the U.S.

Dina's goal is to express the divinity of woman's character. She has learned from history and its great teachers and has found her own individual style. Her combination of real flesh and abstract background are reminiscent of Klimt; the static poses full of inner power come from ancient icons; the elongated and more spiritual than real figures relate to Modigliani's creations; and her way of painting faces is redolent of Giotto's style.

Dina's women evoke serenity, inner power and beauty that shines from their faces and poses. They are full of thoughts and emotions. Changed proportions give them the divine look of Muses or Spirits. Abstract surrounding takes us away from reality and brings a dreamy, fairy-tale feeling. The contrast of smooth skin and rough background underlines woman's tender nature. Dina's women are romantic, not earthy, and they are surrounded by things meant for Goddesses. Her paintings are filled with music and flowers' fragrance. They are filled with the heat of the sun and the fresh air of the wind. They are symbols of the happiness and perfection which any of us seeks.