Spring 2024 Exhibition – CHARISMA

April 26, 2024 to May 24, 2024

Crescent Hill Gallery’s annual spring exhibition showcases new work by their gallery artists demonstrating the brilliance of our local art community.

Curatorial Statement:

Charisma is a quality allied with talent and other gifts that have, over the centuries, been perceived by the admiring beholder as beyond the attainment of normal people, as supernatural, or divine. Charisma can also be found in works of art, in the figures and subjects of paintings, sculpture, and installation, imbued with the power and presence of the artist. The works, admired by art enthusiasts and collectors, have a reverence all their own, inspiring the same sort of admiring wonder. That certain “je ne sais quoi” or undefinable quality creates magnetism and attraction. The artwork exhibited at Crescent Hill Gallery has been known to affect collectors and visitors similarly. The artist’s charisma transfers to the painting and reflects in the eyes of the admirer. To each art lover, their preference, and at Crescent Hill the quality of work on display allows the viewer to get lost in their memories, reminiscing on a narrative, colour, figure, form, or design that brings into view a powerful feeling of connection.

Tracing where the artist has been and where they have touched the canvas unlocks a journey for the viewer to follow. It considers inspiration and appropriation and creates a narrative of strung-together moments that can resonate with the viewer. If the collector acquires the piece, their relationship with the work will grow and change as they do.

The force of charismatic art is experienced individually and collectively, with some visuals having shaped entire cultures or national identities. The power of artworks to fascinate, educate, and reform is a fact of social history—the search for connection and what it means to find it.

Unique to this event:

For this iteration of the spring group exhibition, the gallery is collaborating with innovative designers at Ethan Allen (Mississauga). We will work with them to bring furniture and design elements to the gallery to create an opportunity for collectors and designers who attend to imagine the work in their own spaces. Small vignettes will be placed in the mini-galleries to exemplify further how the works will resonate in home and office environments.


Come experience the power of original art at the spring group exhibition CHARISMA opening Friday, April 26th from 6-9 pm at Crescent Hill Gallery! Get on the guest list today!

Event Photos