Fall 2023 Group Exhibition — Ways of Seeing

October 20, 2023 to November 20, 2023

Crescent Hill Gallery will be hosting an opening event for the return of its infamous Fall Group Exhibition!



Curatorial Statement:

This exhibition aims to highlight the ways in which individuals view and experience a work of art. It also touches on the diversity of unique perspectives and stylistic inclinations of the artists represented by Crescent Hill.

John Berger, art critic and writer, wrote a brilliant book in 1972 called Ways of Seeing. He considered the ways in which people look at paintings. The way an individual views a work of art is influenced by their experience, knowledge, and beliefs within their broader socio-economic dynamic. He believed images could be read just like text but the words and themes brought to mind were influenced by the viewers’ unique lens. Historically, art historians and the wealthy elite have obscured ideologies hidden within the context of art. The amount of context we receive from a work of art influences how we interpret visual information. If little to no context is given we fill in the blanks ourselves and think more critically. This rings true today as well.

This collection of original artwork will be dynamic and inspiring. The gallery will be curated to facilitate natural discovery and conversation. We look forward to sharing the night with you!

Get on the guest list by registering in the form below or you can go to our Facebook event page here, or the Eventbrite ticket link here. We look forward to hosting you!


With grace and gumption,

Breann Ritchie

Gallery Director and Curator


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