Crescent labelled Business of Distinction

For over 45 years, Crescent Hill Art Gallery has celebrated exceptional established and mid-career Canadian fine artists. With over 95% of the artwork we showcase belonging to Canadian artists, we proudly support our local artist community and advocate for their work and practice globally. Thanks to our dedicated and passionate team, we provide an exceptional customer service experience to our collectors, both new and returning. We offer a diverse range of styles, subject matter, and media. You are sure to find a piece that speaks to you.

Situated in Mississauga, within the Greater Toronto Area, Crescent Hill hosts curated exhibitions in person and online throughout the year. Our website connects the gallery with art collectors all over the world.

Crescent Hill caters to a large and diverse client base, from experienced art collectors to interior designers to first-time buyers simply looking for a perfect piece to put on their wall; we consider the act of buying art from every perspective. As such, we offer a myriad of convenient services, such as home trials, virtual installations, and home/corporate consultations, to ensure that clients find and receive their perfect match as hassle-free as possible.

At Crescent Hill, we wish to serve as the bridge between artists and collectors. We strive to give our artists a platform to share their stories and experience with their peers and enthusiasts. We want our collectors to make informed decisions about the art they acquire and, in so doing, continue to build trust in our business and our community.


crescent hill art gallery designated business of distinction in west of the city magazine

“original artwork enriches a space and offers a tactile, and in some cases, textured mirror into your thoughts and feelings.”


Take a look at some of our curated collections by visiting our online exhibition page here.



“we provide our clients with anecdotes about the history of the work, the artist and more broadly, the gallery.”



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