Dennis Carney – Artist

Dennis Carney

Dennis Carney was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and spent his childhood surrounded by the colorful landscape of the deserts. Later, Carney’s family would move to Texas, where Dennis would continue to pursue art and invention by attending the University of North Texas. The artist obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Advertising Art, which inspired the art direction career that he pursued before moving to Phoenix to fulfill his passion for fine art.

Carney credits his greatest influence to the natural world and the creative thinkers that surround him daily. Carney’s delicate hand calls to mind a classic quality in life. Thoughtful gradients of texture and color between the canvas and the surface fuse to cultivate a refined age to each piece. The subtle nuances of timeless imagery, poised tones, and composed surface quality make for an overall impact of classical beauty with a distinctively modernized touch as Dennis Carney continues to reinvent.

Current Artwork

Pricing from around $7,600