Elle Belz – Artist

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Elle Belz is a contemporary artist who enjoys marrying abstract with realism and prefers portraying bold and traditional subjects with a modern twist. She loves working with colors, playing with lighting, and meaningful composition. Transparencies, play of shadows, and scale while staying true to natural color are her main focus. Each painting becomes a journey. Florals are some of her personal favorites, and mirroring their fragility and strength along with their natural movement, resonates with the art lover only to echo the human spirit. Carefully thought out, Elle captures, in essence, inner feelings and emotions. “As an artist, we have the privilege of experiencing a true expression of freedom”.

Originally from the south of France, she was always inclined to draw and paint from a young age coming from a highly artistic family; however, she ultimately followed a scientific career to become a Microbiologist. Her childhood was marked by extensive traveling around the world due to her father’s career as an engineer building bridges, so she feels fortunate to have experienced various cultures and witnessed a variety of artistic expressions along the way.

After a 20-year break from the Arts, she rediscovered her true love for painting thanks to her husband and family’s love and support.  Elle comes from a long lineage of women Prussian artists from the 18 and 19th centuries, including Julie de Villas and Adele Belz, well known for their realism figurative work, portraits, and landscapes.

Self-thought, Elle received a Bachelor of Science (HNS) with a minor in Fine Arts History from the University of Prince Edward Island in 1997 and now resides with her family in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada.