Aleksandra Rosenvain – Artist

Aleksandra, originally from Ukraine, paints Paris streets scenes or natural landscapes in a structured and geometric fashion.

Aleksandra was born and brought up in Kiev, Ukraine. She graduated from both art school and teachers college. Aleksandra worked as an art teacher and designer in Kiev before moving to Toronto, Canada in 2005.

She was mesmerized and inspired by the beautiful landscapes of her new country. Eye-catching fall landscapes with vibrant colours of red, deep ultramarine blue, purple, lavender, and deep brown are characteristics of Aleksandra’s highly-varnished pieces. In another series, she explores the romantic rainy streets of Paris in both full vibrant colour as well as a more subdued black and white palette.

Through her paintings, Aleksandra has explored cubic forms, using a very original technique to apply her paint in a very structured and geometric fashion.

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