Biography: Tim De Rose

De Rose is influenced greatly by trees and forests, finding the setting to be intensely powerful. In exploring their quietness, he uses them as symbols of people and relationships. Deeply invested in the power of this subject matter, he comments on the open and unassuming way in which he approaches his work:

“I paint in a series with a style that is evolving all the time. I paint within that style until it lets me go. I don’t use any theories of colour, perspective or representative techniques for light and shade.”

Tim begins his process by photographing his arboreal subjects, looking for striking compositions and arrangements from which to base his painted works. From there, he begins drafting a complete line drawing to solidify his composition. To create depth with his medium, he adds as many as four layers of paint. Energetic textures and patterns begin to emerge by a meticulous etching and scraping away of these layers with a potter’s tool called a serrated kidney.  In this part of his process, one can detect the essence of De Rose’s early roots in pottery surface.

Tim, in fact, began his successful arts career in the realm of pottery. As his skills in pottery grew, so did the range of projects he took on.  These involved anything from hand building architectural sculpture, to ceramic wall panels. These clay canvases were etched, sculpted, and glazed in such a way that eventually they morphed into something approaching traditional paintings. In this way, one project leading to another, De Rose ultimately spent about thirty percent of the time painting. Around 1996, he came to realize how significantly painting was missing in his creative spectrum, and found that he enjoyed using the “different muscles of the process and the problem solving” that it involved. Tim affirms that he can’t say that he loves one art form more than the other, but has confirmed that after 45 years of pottery, he’s now determined to devote himself to painting full time.



Curriculum Vitae

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

1964-1969 - Central Technical School, Toronto. Graduated from Special Arts
Program: Ceramics, Painting, Drawing, Graphics, and Sculpture.


1969-1974 - First studio, Toronto. Part-time production, part-time
teaching, Central Technical School.

1974-1976 - Adolphustown, Ontario, Full-time production studio, part-time
instructor at St. Lawrence College, Pottery Dept., Kingston.

1976-to present -  Full-time studio potter and artist working in production stoneware raku, and landscape painting. Living and working at Wilton Pottery, with wife Diane Creber
(porcelain potter).


1971 - Two person show with Roger Kerslake, "Earth and Fire" an
exploration of material and process, abstract structural and
environmental sculpture, wall panels, and fountains. Canadian
Guild of Potters, Toronto, Ontario.

1976 - Juror and guest lecturer for the first Ontario Potters Association Conference and Show, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.

1976 - Jurors show with John Reeve, Angela Fina, Ruth McKinley, Roman Barkew, and Harlan House, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.

1977 - Two person show with Diane Creber, "Contrasts". The Market Gallery, Kingston, Ontario.

1977 - One person show, "Environmental Stoneware", McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.

1978 - One person show,  Ontario Arts Council Grant, Sault College, Sault St. Marie, Ontario.

1981 - One person show, "One-of-a-Kind" McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.

1981 - Invited to participate in a symposium "Clay in Ontario" with guest lecturer Kimpia Nakamura, muralist and architectural sculpture. Sheridan College School of Design, Oakville, Ontario.

1981 to present - Many one and two person shows in the Kingston area and at Wilton Pottery.

1996 - Wall panel commission for the Helen Henderson Library, Amherstview, Ontario. This consists of a triptych or three panels each 2' x 5'. The panels are set side by side to make a total area of 6'x 5' plus framing. They are low-relief sculpture in an abstract pattern made of stoneware clay and multi-glazed.


1999 -2000-2001-2002-2003-2004 One person painting show at the Springer Lounge, Grand Theatre, Kingston, Ontario.

2002-2003 Windmills Cafe, Kingston, Ontario, One Person Show, Winter (painting)

1999-2000-2001-2002-2005-2007  The Toronto Outdoor Art Show (painting)

2007  One person show, Gallery Raymond, Kingston (Painting), Kingston

2007-2008-2009-2010 Group gallery artists show, Gallery Raymond, Kingston

2008-2009-2010 Group gallery artists show The Academy Gallery, Bath Ontario

2010 Juried group show "The Other Salon show", Robert Macklin Gallery, Kingston, Ontario

2012  One Person Show: "Eclectic Roots", Out In The Sticks Cultural Centre and Art Gallery, Yarker, Ontario

2013  Men's group show "Duct Tape Not Required" Gallery Raymond, Kingston, Ontario

2013  Two Person Show, Peggy Morley and Tim De Rose (DREAMERS SERIES) Gallery      Raymond, Kingston, Ont.

Teaching and Related Activity:

1969-1974 - Central Technical School, Art Dept. Ceramic Technician, part-time instructor, summer school teacher and night school teacher.

1977, 1978, 1985, 1986 - Haliburton School of Fine Arts, summer pottery teacher.

1975, 1976,1984 - St. Lawrence College, Kingston, pottery instructor.

1979, 1980 - McArthur College, Queens University, Instructor summer school credit program.

1980 - Georgian College, Barrie, Ontario, Workshop for Arts Program.

1969 to present - Workshops given for most of the Province of Ontario's pottery guilds and pottery associations.

1985, 1986 - Kingfest, Kingston, Ontario. Pottery instructor.

1975 to present - Volunteer teaching in many local schools both primary and secondary.

Featured in:

Ceramic Monthly

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