Biography: Artist: Gisele Boulianne

Gisele Boulianne was born in Jonquiere, Quebec and currently resides in a suburb of Quebec City, Quebec.

Gisele worked as a teacher in Applied Arts for more than 20 years, before making the decision to go back to school. In 2006 she graduated from Laval University with a Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts. She was awarded 2nd prize at the annual “Exhibit of the Graduates”, a show put on each year by the graduating class. Gisele has received numerous awards for her interpretive urban works including an honorable mention from the jury at the Montreal International Festival of the Arts (FIMA) in 2005 and the first Excellence Award ever presented from the Governor or Tunisia at the Festival of Fine Arts in Monastir, Tunisia in 2008.

Gisele’s work is a balanced mixture of imagination and reality. What may seem trivial to some, like graffiti on a wall, is a masterpiece in her eyes. She views her creative process as a theatrical performance; where the imagination is set free to interpret the turbulent motion of the scene before her capturing the underlying beauty that is often overlooked. She then creates the image her imagination has set out for her in a creative blend of what is seen and what is felt.